Juan M. Blanco


He studied at London School of Economics, where he obtained his Master’s Degree in Economics. He is a University professor, and he tries to give his best to his students. He published in specialized journals, and wrote books seeking for a simple and agile style, inspired by the maxim: The good thing if brief twice good, and if bad, less bad. I’m worried by the future of Spain, the mediocrity of our politics, the prevailing dogmas and taboos, those mental corsets that constitute real barriers to the real thinking. I began to explore other fields of knowledge in search of convincing explanations, and to share my ideas, to be able to discuss with others. Also, I combined my duty at university with a op-ed and lecturer activity. Together with Javier Benegas, I wrote the book Catarsis in 2013, which analyzes the limitations of the political regime that was born during the Transition, a provocative text that, unfortunately, succeeded in many of its forecasts.
That effort allowed me to discover that evils that befall Spain are nothing more than a corrected and augmented version of a disease that befalls the entire Western world for decades. The infantilization of society, the gradual disappearance of individual responsibility, the loss of principles and values, the empire of political correctness are an ubiquitous phenomenon, and therefore, I try to contribute my grain of sand to analyze and explain these crucial facts.
I also culturave the love for losing myself by any corner of the world from time to time, observing people, getting to know different cultures, testing different ways of facing life. Thanks to these trips, to many readings, and to some dear friends, I have come to the conviction that there is no true reward without effort, and that few experiences are as exciting as discovering what lies behind the next hill.