April 8, 2017

Europa Congress Palace

Every one of our actions and inactions leaves a trace behind. Some of these are soon erased. Others are indelible. An idea might also leave a trace. Some ideas come and go, while some others flourish, transform, and are able to reach out to unexpected places.

TEDxVitoriaGasteiz–Trace explores these paths. Let’s see where they lead us!


Europa Congress Palace

85, Avenida Gasteiz 01009 Vitoria-Gasteiz

HOURS (Subject to change)

Accreditations: 09:00h
Closure: 18:00h

Palacio de Congresos Europa

Speakers 2017

Laura Ponte


Responsible conssumption

Patron of the Alianza por la solidaridad foundation and partner at Urg3l, a creative space from where she advocates for working, exposing and difusing the arts out of the conventional networks. (More)

Rodrigo García



Rodrigo studied architecture in Madrid and India, Industrial Design in Chile, and did postgraduate studies related with Design in Sweden, and double Master in Art and Engineering in London. From a very young age, he has developed an enormous interest in thinking about new ideas and concepts that could be useful for the society and the world we live in. (More)

Concepción Alicia Monje Micharet

Concepción Alicia Monje Micharet


PhD in Industrial Engineering and scientist researcher in the field of humanoid robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and systems’ control, tasks that she develops within the Research Group Robotics Lab, of the Carlos III University of Madrid. (More)

Roc Massaguer


Social Responsibility

He started uploading videos to Outconsumer, his YouTube channel, back in 2010, after more than 15 years as a sports journalist. His channel, one of the pioneers of the gamers’ community, took off and opened the doors to teaching and online communications. (More)




Architect, author, musician, and youtuber. Unconditional supporter of the Kardashians, and of Julia Morgan’s buildings. (More)

Dominic Colenso

Dominic Colenso


Actor. Director. Storyteller. Working with businesses around the world to unlock creativity, connection and communication. (More)

Elena Crescia

Elena Crescia


Forever a student. She is curator and organizer of TEDxSãoPaulo events.
Founder of Editora de Ideas and Portfolia, and president of Net Impact São Paulo. She lived and worked in Argentina, France, the United States, and Brazil. (More)

Ander Ramos

Ander Ramos


Mechanical engineer and leader of the neuro-technology group at the Health Division of Tecnalia. Winner of several awards for his research to rehabilitate patients paralyzed by a stroke. (More)

Edurne Portela



Author and researcher. Her main field of research is the memory and trauma generated by political violence. Her latest work focuses on the legacy of violence in Euskadi and how to face it through the use of culture.

Miguel Gutiérrez Garitano

Miguel Gutiérrez Garitano


An inveterate traveler, and a narrator of stories on radio, press, and in non-fiction books. What he likes the most is to explore, and to come back to tell about it over a beer or a good bonfire. (More)

Karmele Jaio



Author of three tale books, two novels, and a poem book. Her works have been recognized largely, translated to several languages, and adapted to cinema and theatre.  (More)

Daniel Seseña


Involuntary Journalism

Journalist, writer, and content creator. Actually, he directs and presents the TVE TV show Camara abierta 2.0. He writes on his personal blog Periodismo Ficción and he exposes his pictures about people and cell phones on @noteShot. (More)

Georges Belinga

Georges Belinga

Social Innovation

Social entrepreneur and change maker. His father is Cameroonian, and his mother is Spanish. Georges is founder of Koop SF 34, a sub-Saharan social business incubator based in the San Francisco quarter in Bilbao.


Erion Veliaj

Smart Cities

Mayor of Tirana. Longtime civil society activist. Between 2013 and 2015, he served as Minister of Social Welfare and Youth in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Edi Rama. (More)


Workshops & Unconference 2017

Ned Hoste

Ned Hoste

Tracing your Creative Tree (in English)

Have you ever wondered who influenced your creative life? In this workshop you’ll learn how to trace your creative tree.
Ned Hoste has been a professional designer since he was 15. If he could tell his 15 year-old self who he would eventually work with, he wouldn’t have believed it – and he still doesn’t.
Las enfermedades mentales y su huella

Joana Díaz de Alda y Elena García

Mental Illnesses and Their Traces

What’s the real impact of a mental illness diagnosis? How can we cope with it?

Some mental illnesses, which are diagnosed on a daily basis and include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder, have an effect in all areas of a person’s life. What unites them is their main feature: chronicity. Yet over time, they generate invisible traces, at a mental and an emotional level, which we (and those around us) need to translate in order to recognize, treat, and live with.
Joana Díaz de Alda Pérez and Elena García Ozores are psychologists and experts in serious mental illness. They both have more than 10 years of expertise in this field and work with patients with these pathologies. They founded Cocodoc Psicología more than 3 years ago, and they have been teaching and training in these and other areas of psychology that cover all areas of life for more than 15 years. Their objective: make people’s lives easier.


Ainhoa Sánchez

Evolutive nutrition. Have we adapted to today’s food?

This workshop aims to review the changes in nutrition the human species has gone through during its history, and how changing habits have influenced its health.
In the same way, the workshop seeks to inform about the realities and myths behind some of the foods we eat today, to help participants understand the effects these foods might have on their health and lives in general.
Ainhoa started in the world of health by completing a degree in dietetics, encouraged as she was to overcome her own health problems. She got hooked and continued her education, first in physiotherapy in the Fundación Universitaria del Bages (FUB) and then in osteopathy in the Escuela de Osteopatía de Madrid (EOM). After applying what she learned on herself, and not obtaining the expected results, she started investigating further on her own.
She finally continued her training in Psychoneuroimmunology, a program based in nutrition and in evolutive lifestyles, in Natura Foundation (Holland). Her own habits changed and evolutive nutrition has helped her trace the solutions she applies today in her practice.


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